Character Day

Today, Leadership helped McPherson Magnet students, staff and parents recognize Character Day.

We’re all works in progress. Today, wear joining millions of people around the globe for the fifth annual Character Day – a global initiative where school districts, organizations, and families join a global conversation around the importance of developing character strengtheners such as creativity, grit, empathy, courage, and kindness.

Last year’s Character Day had over 133,000 events with 150 countries engaging people from Guam to Thailand, to Central Africa Republic and the US. Today, we join other schools such as UC Berkeley, Harvard, and MIT in recognizing Character Day. Here are 10 daily practices you can do to strengthen your character.

  1. Every night before bed, think of three moments or people you are grateful for. #gratitude
  2. Identify your top three strengths and find ways to share them with others. #character
  3. Identify one strength you want to develop and make a list of practices you can do each day to strengthen it. #perspective #perseverance
  4. Think of people you see every day but don’t know personally. Find out their name and something about them. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. #empathy #curiosity
  5. Next time you’re in a group, if you’re a shy person, try to raise your hand or speak first; if you’re a vocal person, let others speak first. #humility #courage
  6. Recognize character strengths in others and compliment them on it regularly. #gratitude #perspective #empathy
  7. If you have a disagreement with a friend, sleep on it before you send a text and don’t get others involved through social media. #selfcontrol #respect
  8. Recognize that no one is perfect and that it’s okay to laugh at yourself. #humor
  9. Ask people for permission to post a picture before sharing their photo online. #kindness #selfcontrol
  10. Put your heart and soul into your education and the things that interest you. Your efforts will be rewarded. #curiosity #loveoflearning