Parent Teacher Conferences 2018

Parent/Teacher Conferences (Elementary K-5): October 8th through 12th

Please go to the link below to sign up for a parent/teacher conference.

Please follow the directions below to schedule your parent/teacher conference:

  1. Find your student’s teacher at the bottom of the sheet (all teachers’ names are listed along the bottom).
  2. Click on your teacher’s name (which will then open up their schedule)
  3. Find the time that would work best with your schedule and fill in your student’s last name.
    1. Please do not fill in any of the color-blocked cells; those are areas for teachers to be planning for future conferences.
    2. Please do not erase other names. Mr. Erven has a revision history and the first person who filled in the cell will get the spot.
    3. If you are having trouble completing the document, please contact office.