School and Community

McPherson Magnet K-8

McPherson was built as a junior high school in 1960 in a residential area on Prospect St. between Chapman and La Veta Avenues. The school sits on 24.2 acres. Due to declining enrollment, the school was closed in the late 1980’s. McPherson reopened in September, 1997, as a science, mathematics, and technology K-8 magnet school on the traditional academic calendar. Currently, Eight hundred and sixty students are enrolled in grades kindergarten through eighth during the 2014/2015 school year.

The vision of McPherson Magnet School is to integrate all aspects of learning and education, by using a thematic teaching approach that focuses on science, mathematics, and technology. Our staff expects the students to utilize a variety of methods to demonstrate their learning, to take risks, and to use productive skills. We are committed to:

  • Educating the whole child to reach their greatest potential
  • Valuing a range of learning styles
  • Utilizing a variety of learning tools and strategies
  • Extending the learning environment beyond the walls of the classroom
  • Encouraging students to become confident, lifelong learners

Our vision is based on an appreciation and a celebration of the differences among us, as well as the cooperation that we employ as we work together to create a total learning environment for all. We value various ways that individuals learn. Our school is committed to providing a variety of experiences that allows the learners to discover their areas of greatest intellectual development.

The school’s focus and magnet area is in math, science, and technology. McPherson is a Project Lead the Way School. All of our students K-5 have the opportunity to visit our STEM Lab weekly and are taught by a STEM specialist with a CTE (Career Technical Education) credential. Middle school students at McPherson also take a STEM course as one of their 7 classes (this middle school course is also part of the Project Lead the Way curriculum and a STEM Lab space has been developed especially for each of these courses):

·       6th Grade Engineering course through Project Lead the Way curriculum includes Design & Modeling and Automation & Robotics.

·       7th Grade Computer Science course through Project Lead the Way curriculum includes: App Creators and Computer Science for Innovators and Makers.

·       8th Grade Biomedical Science course through Project Lead the Way curriculum includes: Medical Detectives, Green Architecture and Flight and Space:

McPherson also uses hands-on science kits in grades K- 5 to help students deepen their conceptual understanding in science. McPherson utilizes Otter Creek (Rocket Math) and ST Math fluency to increase students’ mathematical fluency skills. McPherson has a student owned laptop program in grades 5, 6, 7 and 8. We also have a 1:1 technology program in K-1st (iPADs) and 2nd-4th (HP Streams and Chromebooks). Students use technology in all content areas and are supported with Edmodo and Haiku.

McPherson staff identified citing evidence from non-fiction text and mathematics fluency as our areas of focus. Teachers have been trained in Thinking Maps and there is continuity in writing K-8 with the writing programs Write from the Beginning and Write for the Future.

McPherson Education Foundation (PTSA partner in success)

McPherson Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit with the specific mission to raise funds to support the magnet focus of McPherson; Orange Unified School District does not provide the funds necessary to function at the level of excellence above the education provided at other public schools. For us to be different, to succeed at pushing what is possible in the classroom, it takes a coordinated effort among parents, teachers, and administrative staff. We are the collective voice helping raise money and honing in on what will best serve our students, and we need everyone’s support to ensure every enrolled student at McPherson Magnet School has the opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible in their education.

Our success depends on a multitude of hard-working volunteers, typically McPherson parents and teachers and a generous community. Each year, we fund raise through our annual STAR Mission, Special Events and Sponsorship Programs. Our goal is to bring the entire community together in support of McPherson Magnet School.

Please visit McPherson Education Foundation for more information.