Step It Up Fundraiser

PTSA’s biggest fundraiser of the year starts today. Money raised through PTSA goes toward large scale projects such as replacing the tables/benches in the cafeteria, re-doing the kinder yard, and this summer, a complete replacement of the lockers in the PE locker room.


Students attend our high energy, video based kick off assembly live at school!


Parents register at send OUT 10+ emails to friends and family, asking for a donation on their child’s behalf.

Most parents complete this in 10 minutes or less. Yes, seriously!


Donations are collected for two weeks via the incredible online platform! You don’t have to do a thing….we keep track of all online donations for you.


Students are rewarded for their efforts during our DAY OF AWESOMENESS which includes our epic STEP IT UP! Obstacle Course (Based on the TV shows WIPEOUT and AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR), our DJ Dance Party, tons of prizes, the sheer joy of watching your kids be kids!